The Pedestrian

Most of us walk to get from A to B. But there are others who are obsessed with getting to B a bit quicker than everyone else. Jonathon Collins is such a walker. In fact, he's never lost a 'Walk Off' in his life. A statistic that he's a bit too keen to share with the world.

Official Selection:
Porto 7 (Portugal)
East End Film Festival (UK)
Edinburgh Short Film Festival (UK)
Grand Off World Film Awards (Poland)
Strawberry Shorts (UK)
Glasgow Short Film Festival (UK)
Southside Film Festival (UK)
Salford Film Festival (UK)

Other Screenings:
The Edinburgh Fringe (UK)
Screened before ‘Perfect Sense’ to Launch Glasgow Cinema City
Merchant City Film Festival (UK)
Fruit Juice (UK)
Great Scots on tour (Various)

Glasgow Short Film Festival - Audience Award
Cafe Flicker - Film of The Year